July 15, 2019

Boomtown Evo Snap Partnership


We are psyched to announce our partnership with EVO!

I have known the team at EVO for a number of years and can’t say enough positive things about them. From their forward looking view of the payments industry to their unrelenting focus on customer service and international capabilities, they have brought to market a remarkable payments platform that impresses everyone who interacts with it. By combining easy application integration, merchant underwriting and payment processing all in one, EVO Snap* has created a simple platform for developers to build and scale their own technology offerings. We’re excited about the opportunity to provide local technical support to merchants of all EVO Snap* developers as they grow their businesses and acquire customers across the US. Developers can now focus their time building the best possible product and let us handle on-site issues, including deployment, as well as our remote support app that quickly fixes 85% of issues on-site that prevent business owners from conducting their business. The combination helps everyone get more time back and I think that’s what lies at the core of all quality software products.In addition to support of EVO Snap* integration partners, the launch of EVO Snap* Mobile is a great addition to their product portfolio. By providing free Boomtown tech support to all Snap* Mobile merchants, EVO Snap* is ensuring that their merchants will have a great customer experience and their businesses will never be offline. Through Boomtown's collaborative support software, Snap* Mobile merchants are able to have both their software questions and technical questions answered within minutes, all with the tap of a single button.

Alfred ‘Chip’ Kahn IV, The Mayor of Boomtown

You can read the full press release about the Boomtown EVO partnership below or here: PRESS RELEASE EVO Payments International Partners with Boomtown to Simplify Tech Support for POS Developers and Merchants New York, April 16, 2015 – EVO

Payments International (EVO), a leading card payment acquirer and payment service provider operating in the United States, Canada and Europe, and Boomtown, a San Francisco based provider of on-demand tech support for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), today announced a partnership that will provide push button IT support for POS developers and their SMB customers.Through the partnership, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who integrate with the EVO Snap* platform will gain access to a full spectrum of on-demand deployment and IT support services for their customers through Boomtown’s nationwide support network.“Taking care of SMB customers goes beyond software and merchant services support,” said Peter Osberg, Senior Vice President of EVO Snap*. “It requires a holistic approach to support that includes the merchant’s physical environment. We can provide a seamless payment experience at POS, but if a local network goes down or a physical piece of hardware fails, the merchant can’t conduct business. Boomtown is the missing link in the support value chain.”

By partnering with Boomtown, EVO is able to combine its suite of world-class merchant acquiring and processing solutions with on-demand support - enabling qualified ISV partners to provide scalable and highly valuable IT and business operations support to shared SMB customers. Through their next gen support technology Boomtown provides 24/7 remote troubleshooting – from hardware installations and network setup to ongoing monitoring – and onsite support services through its brigade of highly trained technicians.“We are thrilled to partner with such a forward looking organization as EVO who is redefining the SMB customer experience,” said Chip Kahn, Founder & Mayor at Boomtown. “Boomtown’s collaborative support software enables us to collectively solve SMB customer issues remotely and onsite. This gives business owners their time back and leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention for their POS software and merchant service provider.” EVO has launched the partnership program with its own mobile POS solution, Snap* mobile – offering free remote tech support from Boomtown to qualified merchants.

Merchants can learn more about how to get Snap* Mobile with Boomtown at http://www.evosnap.com/snap-mobile/ISVs interested in bundling EVO’s global payment processing services with Boomtown support for their merchants should visit http://www.evosnap.com/develop-with-snap/  or email info@evosnap.com to learn more.

About EVO Snap*

As the integrated payments division for EVO Payments International, EVO Snap* simplifies in-store, online and mobile payments - making payments a Snap* for software companies and merchants. EVO Snap* is a one-stop shop for application integration, merchant underwriting and payment processing. EVO Snap* offers single-integration access to omni-channel payment processing through one API and can instantly decision, board and activate merchants. Visit www.evosnap.com for more information about the platform and its services.

About EVO Payments International, LLC

EVO Payments International, LLC is a leading payments service provider of merchant acquiring and processing solutions for merchants, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), financial institutions, government organizations, and multinational corporations located throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. A principal member of Visa and MasterCard, EVO offers an array of innovative, reliable and secure payments solutions, backed by an uncompromising commitment to exceed the needs of its customers and partners. Visit www.evopayments.com for more information about the company and its services.

About Boomtown

San Francisco based Boomtown combines the latest in support technology with a nationwide labor force of technicians trained on merchant technology deployment. Merchants of all sizes save money, utilize systems that grow their business and are more loyal to their providers with Boomtown. For more information on Boomtown, please visit www.goboomtown.com.