July 15, 2019

Boomtown Ecosystems - Simple Cross-Organization Collaboration


Taking cross-team and cross-org collaboration to the next level

There are countless applications available today that allow teams to communicate amongst themselves and with other teams. However, most of this cross-team communication is designed to happen within a single organization. The need for teams from one organization to communicate with teams from another organization is becoming increasingly critical in today's digital age. Having to silo this communication in another medium, most likely email, can be a collaboration killer.

Boomtown’s enterprise software platform enables your teams to not only communicate internally, but it allows for the easy creation of custom chat environments in which certain internal users can interact directly with specific external users from multiple outside organizations. This includes partners, vendors, clients and more. The collaboration opportunities are truly endless with Boomtown’s Ecosystems.

Boomtown Ecosystem Chat

In the example above, members of three different organizations are seamlessly chatting with one another from a single chatroom in order to collaborate on an issue for a shared business customer. This collaboration is helping to expedite a resolution for one of John Doe’s merchants that are having trouble with their Poynt device.The users are also able to @ mention each other which sends an immediate notification to the indicated user. These notifications ensure that messages get seen by the right team members and help expedite the flow of a conversation like the one shown in the example above. Just think of how much longer it could take to get to that point in the conversation if the communication instead had to go through a standard email support inbox.

The best part about these cross-organization Teams is that they’re quick and easy to set up. Just specify the external organization(s) to include in the chat room and individually invite specific individuals from those teams with a single click. If certain members of an ecosystem don’t need to communicate with each other, then don’t add them to the chatroom. It’s truly that simple! Boomtown’s chat platform, with the use of cross-organization collaboration, is primed to take any organization’s internal and external communications to the next level.