July 15, 2019

Boomtown: Delivering Answers to Businesses Fast


Boomtown has joined the Apple Mobility Partners program - using the power of iOS to bring one-button video support to SMB and Enterprise.

Thriving businesses in today’s world depend on technology to operate efficiently: from point of sale to loyalty, surveillance to beacons. Each piece of technology has to be properly installed and configured, and employees need to be trained how to use it. As if that’s not enough, increasing dependence on wireless technology means that businesses need to have a strong and reliable network to power it all.As businesses continue to invest in technology, the interdependence of these systems increases and the question of who to call to solve an issue gets more complicated.At Boomtown we’re rethinking how businesses get answers to their technology questions. By creating a collaborative support ecosystem on the iOS platform and providing a single button for all questions or issues, Boomtown eliminates anxiety and frustration for businesses caused by new or misbehaving technology.

The iOS Experience

As an Apple Mobility Partner, Boomtown is leveraging the innovative iOS platform to challenge the status quo of today’s support offerings. Boomtown’s iOS-only Relay support application brings VoIP, video chat, text messaging, and ticketing to one simple and familiar interface.

Fast & Easy Tech Support: 24/7 Video Chat or Local HelpThrough the Boomtown app, businesses can immediately video chat with technical experts to resolve issues and get help in real time. Live video chat is faster than searching online and more enjoyable than sitting in a phone support queue. Boomtown can also send an experienced local technician anywhere in the US when a business requests in-person support.Boomtown works as a dedicated IT team for restaurants, retailers and any other brick and mortar business that accepts credit cards. Customers range from single-location retail stores to thousand-location national Quick Service Restaurant chains and everything in between.

The First Collaborative Support Software on iOS: One Button, Any QuestionThe real magic of Boomtown happens behind the scenes as technology providers leverage Boomtown’s tools to power their own support platform. Using the latest video technology, enterprise support teams are able to see into their customers' locations and get eyes on the issue, which leads to higher engagement and faster resolution.Collaborative support gets businesses back to work quickly. Businesses use one point of contact to receive support, whether for their software, hardware, network, payment processing, or virtually anything else. Technology providers seamlessly work together over live video to resolve issues without telling a customer “we can’t help you.”  The merchant gets time back that would otherwise have been wasted, and higher satisfaction means lower attrition.Welcome to support for the 21st century.