July 15, 2019

A New Look


We’ve been a bit quiet over the past couple months as we focused on launching a new face for Boomtown. A new logo, new website and new suite of software solutions!We started with an updated logo. It has been over three years since we last updated our logo so we felt it was time for a fresh look. The new logo embodies our mission as a company. It’s simpler and more professional. Through the network of connected nodes, the new icon highlights our goal to connect teams across organizations that need to work together to support mutual business customers.

Boomtown Logo Design

In addition to a new logo we have completely revamped our website with a new structure, design and brand new pages. Our new site will make it easier to find the software solutions and services you need to better support your business customers and to see first hand how we are helping our current customers provide exceptional support.With our new site we also publicly launched a number of new software solutions – Business Support, Field Services and Network Monitoring.

While we have used these solutions to power our own support services for the past 3 years, we are finally making them available for your team. You can now use the Relay, Connect and ToolBox products to deliver exceptional remote and on-site services to your distributed businesses.

An overview of our software solutions:

  • Business Services – remote support software to connect with and support all your businesses in efficient and engaging ways
  • Field Services – field service management software to board, manage, organize, dispatch and pay your field agents
  • Network Monitoring – a remote network monitoring tool that monitors your customers’ networks and allows you to provide proactive support so they never go offline

We are very excited about this update and would love to connect with you to discuss how we can help you provide exceptional support to your network of businesses.