New Customer Activation & Training

A structured program to help quickly activate new customers and train them on
your technology to ensure they get started on the right foot and stick around

Activate your customers faster

The first days with your technology are some of the most important in the customer life cycle. Providing a white glove onboarding experience ensures that your customers get all their questions answered and are comfortable with the new technology from day one.

Our dedicated training team uses our support platform to track the shipping details of the hardware and connect with the merchant moments after receiving the hardware to reduce time to activation.

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First impressions are everything

We provide fast proactive call downs to merchants to train them on their new technology and get them up and running quickly.

Significantly decrease inactivation rates and reduce churn by offering a personalized onboarding experience to your customers at scale.

Boomtown Activations & Training
Boomtown Training via Video

Create power users

Offer a quick overview to show your customer the basics of getting started or provide a deep-dive 90 minute live video session to show them all the features of your product.

Our team of hardware and software experts are trained educators and are ready to create loyal advocates out of your new customers.


Know when nurture is needed

Identify high risk customers that aren’t activating with your product and loop sales back into the conversation to prevent churn.

Get detailed insights into every contact attempt and conversation with your customer to get in front of new customers that need additional hand holding.

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"Boomtown has been critical in helping us scale up our support efforts while providing the best customer experience. By leveraging Boomtown's installation and new merchant training, we can get our customers started faster on talech."

Shelley Chen
Head of Operations

Shelley Chen Talech Headshot

Satisfied customers from day one

Our trainer was incredibly nice & helpful. Our questions were all answered & everything went smoothly. I can't think of anything you'd need to improve. Thanks so much for all of the help!

AlyssaAlyssa & Anna, LLC

Great way to ask questions and get more familiar with my POS! Thanks!

HollyHKS Industries, LLC

I was extremely pleased with training today, thank you so much for reaching out. I am super excited to start using my new POS and appreciate all of yalls help! Looking forward to working together.

JessyBabe New Orleans

I had Boomtown training today - I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the representative. He was patient and so helpful.

ErikaBrock Books, LLC

Great service and communication

Jerome Food 2 Go

Seriously, amazing training

ReneeThe Landing Restaurant

Awesome customer service for setting up my products. So very helpful. Thank you Ryan!!

MichelleBean Here LLC

He was very thorough, made sure I didn't have any questions before moving forward. He made the training fun and simple. Made me feel even more confident in my choice to go with the new POS for my business.

PattiePS Sweet Shoppe

Great communication and customer service

MariaLa Antigua

Here's what we know

We have curriculums available for a number terminals, POS systems and other technologies.

Don’t see what you sell? Get in touch with us and we can onboard your system and create scalable training solutions for your technologies.

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